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Founding Partner

I have been providing personalized and timely counsel in all aspect of the employment law landscape since 2000. Having started out representing employees and executives against large financial institutions, I developed the tools necessary to expertly advise small-midsize companies in litigation defense. I know how complex and overwhelming the legal process can be.  This is why my goal is to help you navigate the vast sea of employment law issues and situations. 
My extensive litigation experience expands to all judicial forums (arbitration and courts, alike) covering a broad array of issues that arise in the workplace, including, wage & hour issues, discrimination and harassment, EEOC and State Division Investigations, Department of Labor Audits, breach of contract, defamation, wrongful discharge, negligent hiring or supervision, unlawful competition and poaching, compensation and benefits, and the recent sprouting of employment issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
My practice began with representing employees and executives in the financial services sector and has morphed into providing legal advice and litigation services to employer/management, including supporting human resource departments.  
Every case is unique to its circumstances and I'll spend time understanding your needs, your options and I will work with you to strategize a gameplan to get to your specific ultimate objective.  I am here to serve you and defend and protect your rights. Call today and schedule a consultation today.


(212) 627-9930

(917) 741-3025

3 Columbus Circle, 15th  Fl.
New York, NY 10019

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